Dry Fit Inspection for Chicago’s 168 North Michigan Avenue

168 North Michigan is a historic restoration project located in the heart of Chicago, Illinois. Originally known as the 1916 Atlantic Bank, the building takes on a new life as the Hotel Julian — named after the patron saint of innkeepers and hospitality, St. Julian Hospitaller. The developers at the Oxford Capital Group are taking charge of the renovation of this beloved landmark, adding 5 floors to the original structure’s 12 stories as well as repairing the terra cotta facade. The Hotel Julian will have 218 guest rooms for potential visitors of the Windy City and will add to the many attractions in Chicago’s Millennium Mile.

The production of the new terra cotta facade for 168 North Michigan is currently in progress at Boston Valley Terra Cotta. Masonry units have been extruded, glazed, and fired and they are now being tested for consistency and alignment through the extensive QA/QC process at Boston Valley. We are dedicated to ensuring the highest levels of quality, and through the many stages of QA/QC we are able to deliver precision in our products.

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Terra cotta masonry units are being tested in a dry-fit mockup as a part of our QA/QC process.