The 10 Bond Street Project Team Visits Boston Valley Terra Cotta

Boston Valley Terra Cotta recently hosted the project team for 10 Bond Street in New York, NY. Robert Blount from Crowne Architectural Systems, Sara Lopergolo from Selldorf and Raymond Mark and Angelina Pinto from New Line Structures came to our facility in Orchard Park to approve the visual mockup and custom glaze application. A section of the building facade was constructed at our plant using the same track and clips that will be used on the job site. Additional units were laid out on the floor to demonstrate the range of the specified glaze finish.

Terracotta panels for 10 Bond Street, NYC

In addition to the custom finish, this project also features several custom profiles, one of which measures 30″ wide by 30″ high. The width and depth of this unit required that it be manufactured on an extrusion machine that could handle it’s width and be placed on drying shelves that have a greater distance between each other than those typically used for our TerraClad rain screen products. The flexibility of our extrusion machines allows us to take on a project with specific production needs such as those on the 10 Bond Street project.