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10 Bond Street Project Featured in Architects Newspaper

TITLE: Terra-cotta facade bridges its historic surroundings and modern technology
SOURCE: The Architects Newspaper

DATE: November 11, 2016
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10 Bond, Selldorf Architects, NYC, Boston Valley Terra Cotta, Rainscreen

The dimensional terra cotta rainscreen of 10 Bond Street in NYC. Photo Credit ©Christopher Payne/Esto

Selldorf Architects
worked with Boston Valley Terra Cotta to design a rainscreen cladding of profiled panels in a custom glaze. The panels are trimmed with weathered steel, which rises beyond the facade to frame a rooftop terrace. On grade, the entry is marked with a mahogany ship-lapped siding.

Boston Valley’s international sales manager, said that the two companies have collaborated on a handful of projects.

“Around 2000, the first terra-cotta rainscreen job came to the United States. Since then, the material has become very popular—it has grown from something rarely used by architects to a material that has made it into an everyday palette. 10 Bond Street is part of a second wave of terra-cotta jobs we are seeing that incorporate larger, more three-dimensional shaped pieces, not just flat rainscreen panels.”

In the case of 10 Bond, the panels were manufactured around 36-inches long and weighed in at around 150 pounds each. The larger, more complex panels require more thought be put into the detailing of attachment clips. According to Boston Valley, often this results in modification of standard clip details, or in some cases the development of a one-off custom attachment detail.

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10 Bond Street, NYC, Selldorf Architects, Terra Cotta Rainscreen, Boston Valley

10 Bond Street. Photo Credit ©Christopher Payne/Esto