The Successes of Innovative Production at Boston Valley Terra Cotta

Our hybrid CNC/slip-cast process is yielding beautiful results.

The collaboration between our ARCH Design Lab and production teams at Boston Valley Terra Cotta has proven to be positive relationship. The team has successfully created a mold for slip-cast restoration production using digital sculpting software and CNC milling. This method requires the designer to mentally form the positive unit from the negative space of individual pieces of the mold, rather than measure and create a model from which to make a mold. The process requires a deep understanding of terra cotta as a material, its tolerances, mold creation and the relationship between positive and negative space. The team here at Boston Valley with its diverse skill set and state-of-the-art tools has leapt forward, streamlining the task and achieving precise results.

Negative Mold (left) Finished Block (right)

Negative Mold (left) Finished Block (right)

In total we have produced 64 blocks using this process. This success is testament to Boston Valley’s commitment to innovation and dedication to quality.


Finished blocks ready for the kiln.


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