Boston Valley Terra Cotta has been developing glazes for more than 30 years. As such it is truly one of the strengths of our company. Glazing gives the designer a world of possibilities for finished color.


Having had 30 years of experience replicating historic glazes, Boston Valley Terra Cotta has a large successful history and glaze finish library to draw upon for your restoration or new construction project. Glaze finishes are available in matte, satin and gloss levels of sheen. Boston Valley Terra Cotta works with clients to produce a glaze that replicates the historic sample or color swatch as close as possible using materials available in today’s ceramic industry.


Boston Valley can glaze both  panels and sunshade devices to achieve a different finish color or appearance than what is available in our through-body colors. Because of our specialized production processes, we can provide a glaze-wrapped end on our panels and a 4-sided glaze finish on the sunshade devices. Glaze color finishes are available in matte, satin and gloss surface types. We will work with you to understand what amount of reflectance will be appropriate for your project as well as what colors and tones are available for each surface type. Having matched historic glazes for years, our research and development lab can accept alternate material samples such as stone, metal or cloth, or paint color swatches as a basis of direction for the glaze color. Our sales team will work with you throughout the glaze development process sending you samples for your feedback until you are satisfied with the finish.