Color, texture and glaze are often a deeply personal design choice that can invoke various reactions from building users and inhabitants. Boston Valley Terra Cotta understands this and has a workflow process which allows the designers to provide initial examples and input as well as feedback throughout the entire process.

Case Study

Innovative Terra Cotta Facade: Ringling Museum’s Asian Art Study Center is Turning ‘Ringling Green’

As a current project nearing completion, the Ringling Museum highlights terra cotta’s unique ability to provide custom glaze, profile and installation techniques. Follow the progress of the Ringling Museum in our ArchDesign Lab

Case Study

New London Hall utilizes an impressive combination of textures and custom panel profiles to compliment the historic masonry stone buildings

Perhaps the most impressive part of New London Hall was the combination of textures and custom panel profiles utilized to compliment the historic masonry stone buildings. A mix of honed, sandblasted, machine scored and natural textures was used to replicate the stone’s natural color variation. There were several different profiles, requiring the manufacture of five separate extrusion dies. With small height variations from panel to panel, the TerraClad™ vertical track system required a custom spacing punch for proper installation of the panels. In order to make the appearance of the façade seem natural and less grid-like, careful coordination for the placement of textures and profile variations was required through detailed Boston Valley elevation drawings.

Read full case study of Connecticut College, New London Hall Life Science Building, in the Projects section