Terra cotta is an ancient material that has been used to construct buildings for thousands of years. Boston Valley Terra Cotta’s success has been generated not only through our understanding of the material itself, but also through our awareness of historic means of manufacturing versus contemporary means of manufacturing and technological innovations. Both classical and contemporary manufacturing methods have a place in our facility. This is represented in our use of plaster for hand-press molds versus our use of CNC machine tooled steel dies for extrusion technology; or our use of skilled craftspeople to carve the details into restoration units versus our use of overhead lifting devices to move the units around our facility. As a market leader, BVTC is constantly monitoring the building products industry for advances in design as they relate to the needs of the architectural community, and investing in technological advances in manufacturing means and methods. We have implemented use of bar code scanners to track product through our facility and calculate production rates. BVTC has formed partnerships with local universities to provide experience based opportunities for the next generation of design professionals and infuse Boston Valley with cutting edge knowledge and ideas. Through these collaborations and advances in technology, we continually advance terra cotta opportunities for the design and construction markets.