Robert D. Moreton Building: TerraClad Installation Nearing Completion

Restoration jobs are nothing new for Boston Valley Terra Cotta. The Robert D. Moreton Building in Austin, Texas, is adding to our growing list of existing structures that have been restored using our TerraClad rain screen system. The office building, headquarters to the Department of State Health Services, built over two decades ago, was in need of  a re-clad. Boston Valley Terra Cotta was contracted to provide the building facade, which was updated from concrete to terra cotta.

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The building was seeing unusual decay, causing safety concerns and ultimately increasing energy costs. The rain screen system was chosen because of its durability and efficiency; the material can withstand all types of weather and climate, and the construction method prevents thermal bridging through freeze-thaw cycles.

architectural restoration, boston valley terra cotta, Robert D. Moreton Building, terracotta

The result is a trimmer and leaner state Office building that will house the department’s 550 workers for many years to come.


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