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Buffalo, New York


Diamond Schmitt Architects


Uniland Construction


Terra Cotta New Construction,TerraClad® Panels & Baguettes

Forming Method

Extrusion, Hand Pressed, RAM pressed





Photo Credit: ©Christopher Payne/Esto

Urban Land Institute – New York

Excellence in Mixed-Use Development
250 Delaware Avenue (2017)

250 Delaware Avenue showcases the use of traditional masonry construction for the ground floor ornamental terra cotta blocks, paired with contemporary cladding materials including terra cotta rain screen panels and sun shading devices.

Looking back at some archived posts, our website illustrates the progression of this project, highlighting our use of 3D scanning technology to record the historic facade so that our team of craftsmen could recreate the columns, railings and exquisite details wrapping the building’s entrance. Other sections of the building use our modern TerraClad® rain screen panels and terra cotta baguettes shading the hotel floor windows and wrapping the parking ramp; all featuring a custom white glaze. Combined together, this fantastic building at 250 Delaware offers a nod to traditional construction techniques while also recognizing modern uses of the same building material.

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