Facade Tectonics Forum: NYC

Façade Tectonics started as a series of invited roundtable discussions at the University of Southern California School of Architecture in 2007; a strategic response to the escalating importance and complexity of building facade technology. The roundtables grew into a series of conference events that drew hundreds of participants with a broad range of interests in the building skin.

Chicago’s Gage Building Restoration Continues

Boston Valley is wrapping up the restoration of a new ornamental cartouche for Louis Sullivan’s Gage building in Chicago, Illinois. Designed by renowned architect Louis Sullivan, the Gage Building’s Art Nouveau façade is emphasized with intricate vine and ivy motifs that complement geometric patterns. 3D renderings were taken of the existing original terra cotta pieces to inform […]

International Masonry Institute Rainscreen Expo

Learn best practices in designing and constructing these popular facades at the International Masonry Institute’s Rainscreen Expo. The program focuses on design theory, technical design concepts, and offers practical tips for creating cost and time efficiencies.

ZAK World of Façades

Zak World of Façades is an International conference series on the subject of façade design & engineering. This is the 34th global edition and 1st edition in the UK. The conference is a specialized forum to discuss the latest innovations and challenges in the construction industry pertaining to the building envelope and showcases the latest technological solutions.