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Boston Valley Restores the Historic Sydney Water Board Building

In 2015, restoration was completed on the former Metropolitan Water Sewerage and Drainage Board Building in Sydney, Australia. Built in 1939 by Australian architecture firm H.E. Budden and Mackey, the building is known for its glamorous Art Deco details and innovative 20th-century precast features. Materials on the building include marble, granite, bronze, brass and terra cotta, which Boston […]

Boston Valley Terra Cotta Brings Our Terra Cotta Restoration to Sydney, Australia

Boston Valley Terra Cotta has the privilege of bringing our restoration expertise to Sydney, Australia, with work awarded at the Former Water Board Building. Known officially as the Former Metropolitan Water Sewerage and Drainage Board Head Office Building, it was designed by H.E. Budden and Mackey and completed in 1939. A high-rise was added on […]