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Second Dorothy Gets Ready To Ship To NYC

As the first of our Dorothy sculptures is currently being installed, another one is on the floor at Boston Valley getting ready for shipping to NYC this week. Last summer we showed how Boston Valley employed 3D software to restore these 120-year old, 20-foot tall caryatids perched on a landmark building high above lower Manhattan. The […]

Why You Should #ConsiderTerraCotta

Watch the Boston Valley Terra Cotta story to learn more about our history, our products, and our processes. Plan your visit to our factory to see for yourself & see why you should #ConsiderTerraCotta. Do you have a project for which you would like to consider terra cotta? Boston Valley Terra Cotta encourages you to […]

Fallen Angels Rescued Parametrically

SOURCE: Architect’s Newspaper Blog BY: Emily Hooper DATE: July 12, 2013 See the original article at Architect’s Newspaper Fabrikator Blog Fallen Angels Rescued Parametrically. Classically trained sculptors breath new life into four 20-foot angels with the help of Rhino. When Old Structures Engineering engaged Boston Valley Terra Cotta in the restoration of the 1896 vintage […]
Dorothy Angel Restoration Project

Dorothy Gets Ready For Her Starring Role

In an effort to document the unique work performed by Boston Valley Terra Cotta, filmmaker Peter McGennis traveled to New York City to capture one of the original “Dorothy” structures that is still in tact on the building located at 150 Nassau. As visible in the photos below the structure has been strapped back to […]

Restoring Fallen “Angels”

They had seen better days. The four 20-foot tall caryatids, had been perched on a landmark building 20 stories above lower Manhattan for 120 years. Collectively nick-named “Dorothy”, years of neglect and abrasive cleaning had left them, well, hazardous. Modeled by Spanish immigrant, Fernando Miranda in 1895, they were created to grace the penthouse of […]