Boston Valley Terra Cotta Has Come a Long Way as Profiled in The Buffalo News

TITLE: Boston Valley Terra Cotta has come a long way from its brick-making roots
SOURCE: The Buffalo News

DATE: Sunday, July 3, 2016
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Boston Valley Terra Cotta was profiled in a recent Buffalo News article about the development of our architectural ceramic manufacturing company over the years. Prior to the publication of the article on July 3, 2016, we took The Buffalo News reporter Matt Glynn and photographer Robert Kirkham on a factory tour to learn the ins-and-outs of our growth. An excerpt of the article is featured below, as well as a few behind-the-scenes shots of the tour.


The Buffalo News reporter Matt Glynn takes notes while photographer Robert Kirkham discusses pieces out for inspection with Boston Valley owner John Krouse.


“Drive through the rolling hills of Orchard Park on South Abbott Road, and suddenly it’s there, in a secluded spot: a sprawling plant that is home to Boston Valley Terra Cotta.

But even a decades-old company tucked away in a rural setting can’t escape the modern-day pressures of manufacturing. For Boston Valley Terra Cotta, that meant ensuring its plant had sufficient capacity for the projects it took on and running its operations as efficiently as possible, said John Krouse, the president and a co-owner of the family-owned company.

“We’re not trying to position ourselves as a commodity product,” Krouse said. “We’re trying to position ourselves as a unique, signature product for an architect that is designed specific for the building, not just a standard block. So we’re kind of in a niche market.”

In that way, he said, Boston Valley Terra Cotta has something in common with the architects whose vision inspires the projects the company supplies.” Read the full article here. (link expired)



John Krouse explains the varying areas of expertise – from architectural rain screen to restoration and custom terra cotta units.



Kirkham prepares to take a detail photo.



The photographer gets in low for a shot in the finishing department.


To read Matt Glynn’s article in the Buffalo News titled, “Boston Valley Terra Cotta has come a long way from its brick-making roots,” click here. (link expired)