Design with Flexibility and Strength: New TerraPreCast Panels

TerraPreCast 30mm Solid Panels Provides a Wide Variety of Profiles and Colors

Boston Valley introduces TerraPreCast , which marries the beauty of a terra cotta veneer with the resiliency of precast concrete. 30mm solid terra cotta panels are embedded in concrete, to provide a wide variety of profile and color options for structures that require quick installation and blast resistance. A dovetail profile on the backside of the panel provides additional surface area for the concrete to adhere to the terra cotta, ensuring a high strength bond between the two products.

TerraPreCast, Boston Valley Terra Cotta

Profiles and Shapes
Terra Cotta PreCast panels are available in 2” height increments from 6”– 24”. The maximum length for the panel is 60”. If you are considering larger dimensions or custom profiles, please contact our sales team.

TerraPreCast Benefits
• Speed of Installation
• Blast Resistance
• Design Flexibility

Our TerraPreCast technical spec sheet is now online:

TerraPreCast-TechnicalData.pdf (998k)