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250 Delaware Avenue Showcases The Traditional & Modern Use of Architectural Terracotta

In early 2014 Boston Valley Terra Cotta was put under contract to supply the terra cotta cladding materials for the new 12 story mixed-used building planned for the existing Delaware Court building site. Boston Valley began by documenting the existing terra cotta units that comprised the façade. Documentation was done utilizing two methods; first, individual […]

Historic Masonry Meets Modern Cladding @ 250 Delaware Avenue

The 250 Delaware Avenue project is nearing completion in downtown Buffalo, New York, with tenants planning to move in this November. This particular building showcases the use of traditional masonry construction for the ground floor ornamental terra cotta blocks, paired with contemporary cladding materials including terra cotta rain screen panels and sun shading devices. Looking […]

Progress on 250 Delaware: Parking Ramp Receives Terra Cotta Façade

SOURCE: Buffalo Rising BY: Tim Scanlon DATE: September 28, 2015 See the original article at Photo Rendering: Uniland Development Company Construction crews at Uniland Development Company’s 250 Delaware Avenue have been busy camouflaging the attached parking ramp cornering Chippewa and South Elmwood. The façade application consists of thin, staggered terra-cotta strips (or battens) placed horizontally, attached to […]

White Satin Glaze Approved For 250 Delaware Project

Boston Valley has received glaze color approval for the 250 Delaware Avenue project from the project’s architectural firm Diamond Schmitt and owner Uniland Development. The white satin glaze will be used on all terra cotta blocks, returning this building to its original finish. Previously, the blocks had been repaired and painted numerous times throughout their years of […]
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3D Model Aids Team Recreating Facade @ 250 Delaware

With the 3D building scans ready to go, the team at Boston Valley Terra Cotta begins recreating the historic facade of the Delaware Court Building. Equipped with an array of digital and analog components, recreation of the facade of 250 Delaware is moving. The team here at Boston Valley is combining the point cloud scan […]

3D Scanning of 250 Delaware Avenue Preps Project

In collaboration with Foit Albert Associates and Uniland Development Company, Boston Valley Terra Cotta began survey and scanning the to-be-reconstructed 250 Delaware Avenue building. The project at the site of the current Delaware Court building includes replication of the ground floor terra cotta facade, as well as a four-story, 120-room hotel occupying the second through […]